Do not be afraid, for I am with you: I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west.
        I will say to the north, ¡®Give them up!¡¯, and to the south, ¡®Do not hold them back.¡¯ Bring my sons from
        afar and my daughters from the ends of the earth  (Isaiah 43:5-6)

        Syracuse University attracts more than 5,000 students from approximately 120 countries each year.
  Two thirds of these students come from the ¡®10-40 Window¡¯ regions where the Gospel has not yet
  been reached. Consequently, the Korean Church of Syracuse has recently undertaken the ¡®HOP

         Its aim is to equip and mobilize student believers in fulfilling God¡¯s Great Commission¡ªto
  evangelize the students of un-reached areas, thereby fostering spiritual growth and, ultimately making
  disciples of Jesus Christ. Upon completion of their studies, these students will return to their respective
  countries and serve as ¡®native missionaries¡¯ while engaging in their own professions (i.e. engineers,
  businessmen, journalists, politicians, professors, etc).

        Their roles as lay missionaries, then, are highly effective as they will not encounter language
  or cultural barriers that many other non-native missionaries do when preaching the Gospel in
  foreign lands.

        HOP or House of Pals is a project that enables student believers to become passionate kingdom
  workers by utilizing their spiritual gifts and by providing a venue in which they may serve God¡¯s people.
  Through their involvement with HOP, students will receive high-quality training, while continuing in their
  growth as followers of Jesus Christ and carrying out His Great Commission. With these things in mind,
  I urge you to participate in this project through prayer and financial supports for these future PAL