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Northfield - 우리가 보아야 할 것

다음주에 저희가 가게 될 Northfield에 관한 최근 기사입니다.

하나님의 복음이 시작되었고
하나님을 향한 헌신의 사람들이 일어났던 이곳에서 Idol camp를 한다는 기사가 났습니다.

그것도 세계 선교의 상징이며 학생자원운동을 통해 세계 각국으로 해외선교를 보냈던 그 곳, Northfield Auditorium에서 아이돌 캠프가 열린다고 합니다.

정말로 우리가 보아야 할 것은 바로 이러한 영적싸움의 모습입니다. 영적 싸움에서 지고 나면, 이렇게 세상에 지고나면, 이곳, 하나님의 아름다운 장소가 어떻게 변질되어 가는지를 보아야 합니다.
하나님께서 얼마나 안타까워 하시며 분노하실지 우리는 보아야 합니다.

정말 함께 기도하기를 원합니다.

그리고 그곳에 하나님의 군사로 가는 우리들은 하나님의 전신갑주를 입고 그 영적 싸움에 앞서 가신 예수님의 발자취를 따라 승리의 행진을 할 수 있도록 기도하기를 원합니다.


"Do you really want to see the Northfield Auditorium, a symbol of World Missions and a hub of the Northfield Summer Bible Conference, which sent thousands of Student Volunteers for foreign missions all over the world, that may turn out to be a place of American Idol? What an irony of His-Story!"

What was the Northfield about?

" Continued at Northfield during the twenty-six summers since that good beginning, it has also approved a parent conference, the numerous children of which are now meeting annually on this and all the continents. Over the successive conferences at Northfield, Mr. Moody presided most effectively as long as he lived, a messenger of his Master to an ever growing multitude of student s in the lives of many of whom, through his agency, our Lord was enthroned.  "

- Richard Cary Morse   (a student volunteer of Yale, one of great Intercollegiate Y.M.C.A & SVM leaders)

"Northfield is the one place where a student can, in the most delightful fashion, come into contact with college men from widely scattered centers of higher learning. Especially for the man who happens to have had all his education in his home town, a stay at Northfield will have a powerful influence in broadening his outlook and in forming friendships which will never be broken.

"Northfield is secondly, the place where misunderstandings about religion may be best cleared up. We all know the type of student who is inclined to scoff at religion that is characteristic of those who attend such conferences.

And thirdly, the spirit of Northfield is one which to most men breathes new ideals of life; the affairs of life are looked at with a new scale of valuations in mind; and to one who has experienced this new and higher outlook on life, there comes after years of thought about it, this conviction; The Northfield outlook is the TURE outlook. " - J.H. Bieler  one of Canadian YMCA & SVM leaders, McGill University, Montreal, Canada  

Source: The North American Student Vol. 1 (Mar. 1913- June. 1913),   Council of  The North American Student Movements

'American Idol' camp to open in Northfield
The Associated Press
Article Launched: 02/24/2007 02:58:06 AM EST

NORTHFIELD (AP) ? How can you spend your summer vacation, if you're 12 to 15: Go to "American Idol" camp.
Idol Camp, a performing arts summer camp for kids who crave more than kayaking and hiking, is opening in Northfield, it was announced Thursday by series creator 19 Entertainment and co-producer FremantleMedia.

The camp's limited enrollment isn't audition-based and won't guarantee a spot on Fox's hit "American Idol" or provide any advantage in the series' audition process, a spokesman said. The show's age limit is 16 to 28.

Would-be campers should demonstrate a passion for the arts and desire to perform, a release said. Four sessions described as "noncompetitive" are planned this summer for July and August.

The camp's cost is $2,900 per student for 10 days and includes room, board, classes and souvenirs. According to FremantleMedia and 19 Entertainment, a "certain percentage" of students will be eligible for full scholarships based on financial need.

The experience at the Northfield camp will include classes with professional artists, former "American Idol" contestants and others in the entertainment industry. Subjects will include singing, dancing and acting.

More familiar camp pastimes like swimming and field sports will be available.

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